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Swimming to the Med

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Huskies in Finnish Lapland


Some of the things you might like  to know about a Campervan



In our last trip before the Covid 19 restrictions locked everyone down, our September venture had us making daily use of pools and lakes all the way to the Mediterrannean

Jerseyo Beach-trees dogs-3

We visited Rovaniemi where you can meet Santa,enjoy trips by reindeer sleigh, zoom along in a snowmobile or try  driving a dog sledge team..What ever activity is tackled it is vital to ensure that themal clothing is included in the package price. Temperatures vary from minus 20C to just above freezing. It can be very cold.


So why choose a campervan?

With the balmy evenings,  the sea breaking gently on the beach and the brilliant orange sunsets, it can be almost magical.